Cloth Diapers or No Diapers?

After the kitchen wastes and plastics were managed what was remaining in the trash bin was the used diapers(of my toddler) – we were using them for him only when we went out –  at home he was on his cloth nappies and during nights he was free..!!! I wanted to manage this waste as well – I went on to read about this to find the disposable diapers too had an alternative – cloth diapers. Was very surprised to know about this because me and none of my friends had any clue about this. Cloth diapers can be used much in the same way as disposable diapers, with the additional benefit that you can wash and reuse them and they work out much cheaper than disposable diapers. Here is how it looks ad you can buy one here.


To know more about this , you can join this FB group Cloth Diapering India

Better still you can move on to a diaper-free world and there are numerous advantages of not using diapers for “infants to toddlers”:

  • Kids get toilet trained very quickly – you know what they even stop bed – wetting at nights very soon
  • Diaper-free babies are much healthier and hygienic – just imagine how it would be for us if we were put on diapers every night or whenever we go out..??!!!
  • It will cut down your expenses to such a great extent

Am sure we can all admit that diapers are a very new invention of the 1990’s and before that all children were brought up without these and toilet training was never a topic of discussion(as it happened pretty quickly and naturally)  and these children grew up to be much healthier adults.

So we stopped using diapers completely for our little one when he was about 15 months. With that we had dispose our garbage only once every month and that was because..read on here to find out..!!

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