Cloth Pads

Having managed our wastes so much I was disappointed to find out we still had to dispose our garbage every month with a heavy load and that was my used sanitary napkins. And surprisingly there was an alternative for this too which was nothing but what our ancestors have been using for ages – REUSABLE CLOTH PADS. Here is how it looks:


You can buy these pads here:

  1. EcoFemme
  2. HygieneAndYou

These pads come in varying thickness to hold varying levels of flow – from a panty liner to a night pad.

My menstruation experience:

Even though I was driven by a strong conviction to use reusable cloth pads, I still had initial hiccups in making the transition, the whole process of transition was much easier and once I got used to using these, I could never think of buying a disposable pad and dumping them into the landfills. It helped me get a better connection with my body and I slowly realized well that it was a natural process of waste elimination by the body and I was awestruck by nature’s beauty of managing a woman’s body. Read more..

How To Use A Cloth Pad:

  1. Button your cloth pad as you would stick a disposable pad on your underwear
  2. Leave it on till you feel the need to change the pad
  3. Cleaning the used pad 
    1. Rinse the used pad under running water for a minute till the water runs clear
    2. Soak this used pad in a bucket(with a few drops of disinfectant, preferably an essential oil tea tree oil) for a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 8 hours. I soak all my used pads in this bucket through the day; at the end of the day I rinse the pads another time and run a separate load on the washing machine for these.
    3. Then whenever possible, sun dry these pads, else you can air-dry them in a well-ventilated room.
    4. Fold these dry pads and store for next use. As simple as that..!!

For more info on this, join the FB group “Sustainable Menstruation India (SMI)

Couple of interesting reads on menstruation:

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