Nature Cure

Nature Cure


Before we move on, please do take the time to read the Preface section where I offer a heartfelt thanksgiving to all those who help us follow NC till date.


I hereby present my own understanding and experience of the magnificent science of Natural Healing.

There are different schools of naturopathy and we happened to attend the camp titled ‘Life Natural’) – the hierarchy of naturopaths (under Life Natural) goes like this :

    • Lakshmana Sharma – He is the Father Of Nature Cure in India.
    • Ganesha Sharma – Son of Lakshmana Sharma
      • Balakrishan Aiya – Student Of Ganesha Sharma
  • Arun Sharma – Son Of Ganesha Sharma

I happened to listen to an introductory session given by Dr. Arun Sharma at reStore, ECR and that few hours opened our minds into an entirely new, yet simple world of healthy living. That inspired us to attend a full fledged Stay-Experience-Learn camp at Pollachi.

Nature Cure Camp Experience

These nature cure camps are conducted once a year at various places across the country. And I have given below my experience there for the past two years.

Nature Cure Pointers

Highlights Of Nature Cure

    1. Perfect Health is defined as :  None of your body parts should attract your attention.
    2. Eat only when you are hungry
    3. 1/3 rd of what you eat goes to nourish your body – 2/3 rd of what you eat goes to nourish the doctor.
    4. Drink solids and eat liquids
    1. Any medicine which is not obtained from the plant kingdom is not assimilated by the system.
    1. Insufficient oxygenation to the cells of the body is disease
    1. Coconut is a fruit – its then’kani’, not then’gai’
    1. Never eat fruits after a cooked meal
  1. Try not to mix cooked and raw foods

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