My Healing Experience

Around the beginning of this year 2017, I started becoming a vegan (as it is I was a vegetarian by practice from birth and on the lines of natural living, I wanted to cut down my consumption of dairy products) – ever since my hunger level slowly dropped – and I was forced by the body to skip a meal on and off. And I also started losing weight accompanied by severe hairfall and fatigue. I was of course tempted occassionally to start consuming dairy products again but my strong conviction to remain a vegan stopped me from doing so!! The theories that “dairy products are natural calcium supplements, curd has good bacteria which helps digestion without which your hunger level will drop etc” were still running in my mind.

In feb,we had been to Trichy to attend a family wedding and post that I was down with a supposed-to-be-swine-flu fever – I took to Ayurveda and recovered from the fever in a couple of days. But the “loss of appetite ” problem still persisted. Again I was forced by the body to skip a meal on and off.

On 14-Apr-2017, there was a small introductory talk by Arun Sharma on Nature Cure and that little talk changed everything we knew about Health and Nutrition. There he recommended that I start my day with a mono fruit breakfast and attend the “Life Natural” camp at Pollachi to get on to a better living. So we (me,my husband and my little one) started having one type of fruit for breakfast (it could be anything like bananas, papaya, oranges, pomegranate,mangoes, etc) – what a surprise, my hair fall reduced, I started feeling more energetic and I continued to lose weight ! All this happened while I was still practicing veganism. And my hunger level did improve a bit.

Around the end of May, we attended the Pollachi camp for 4 days and it was truly life-changing for us for the following reasons:

  1. We especially went there for my dad’s eczema (he has been suffering from it for at least 15 years) – his legs darkened and he would have severe itching sensation over his legs – sometimes it would become oozing eczema – every year the problem would worsen in winter and he took to allopathy and the problem would subside and recur. We met a friend who also had the same problem a couple of years ago but recovered miraculously through Nature Cure and so we took my dad to the camp and ever since it has been “Recovery without any medications whatsoever” for my dad. Note: I personally feel the main reason behind his recovery is he stopped consuming tea and diary products after the camp till date
  2. My body went into a detox on its own and helped me get into a very good health
  3. My husband incorporated the magnificent healing process of fasting (he practises weekly fast) into his life

Coming back to my healing journey, after 2 days into the camp, I started having bitterness of mouth and my body accepted food only in the following pattern – to put it better, this time (rather for the first time in my life) I completely surrendered to my body, listened to it totally, respected and followed what my body told me:

  • Only water for a day
  • Only tender coconut (a couple of them) for the next 2 days
  • Tender coconut and water melon for the next 2 days
  • Tender coconut , water melon and papaya for the next 2 days
  • Tender coconut , water melon , papaya and veg salad for the next 2 days

And I am slowly moving to a normal diet now.

During this lean-meal period I noticed many things happening to me:

  • Lost about 12 kgs of weight effortlessly in less than 2 months.
  • Rashes appeared over parts of my body and disappeared on its own (of course I was asked to expose the affected parts to mild sun twice a day)
  • My hairfall dropped to zero , I mean I had absolutely NO HAIRFALL
  • We had to travel back to Chennai from Pollachi (while I was on the tender coconut diet) and I had NO TRAVEL NAUSEA (which I usually used to have when travelling by road)
  • My skin being rejuvenated (this has nothing to do with a brighter complexion – its just that as fresh blood circulates inside the body, your skin takes a fresher, blemish-free look)

Contrary to popular belief that “FOOD GIVES ENERGY???”, I was getting to feel healthier, active and younger when I almost ate very little over this period. Several childhood scars are getting lighter and slowly disappearing day by day. Imagine all this happening without absolutely any medication (neither internal nor external).

So how is all this magic happening?

The answer to this bis question is simple yet powerful..!!

Each and everyone of us have an amazing life force inside us which has been made dormant by our modern day sedentary lifestyle – this includes over eating, eating junk foods, eating when not hungry, sleeping late into the night, not waking up early and so on. Every time we fall sick, what actually happens inside our body is our life force gets activated and its trying to push out the unwanted toxins from our body (NOTE: Any undigested food inside the body is a toxin); the illness could be as simple as  common cold or as severe as cancer.

And in most cases when we fall sick, the first symptom that we notice is we lose our appetite and we begin to worry; but what Nature Cure taught me is this : BE HAPPY WHEN YOU FALL SICK, BECAUSE YOUR BODY IS GETTING HEALED. Just look at the positivity that gets ingested into our mind when we read the above statement. To begin with, the positivity of the mind is in itself a healing medicine. And when we lose our appetite, it means our body is busy in some cleansing task more important than digestion and hence we ought not to eat when we are sick – “Langanam parama oushadham” – “FASTING IS THE SUPREME MEDICINE”. At least we should not go beyond eating a very light diet like porridge, fruits or water vegetables. Loss of appetite just means we are giving time to our body to heal itself at its own pace. As Arun Sharma ji pointed out, “You have come as a patient, so be patient”.

Nobody except our own body’s life force knows what is unwanted in our body and when it has to be cleaned.

So how do we activate this life force?

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