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Raw Vegetable Salads

Vegetables are called sun-cooked foods. They are so full of nutrition when eaten raw; the moment we cook them on fire, many of it’s nutrients are lost.

More on this – Coming Soon..!!


  • Question: We all know vegetables are good for the body, but eating them raw is something we are definitely not used to, at least in the past few generations. Like eating fruits is part of our culture, but eating salads is not. We are only used to eating cooked vegetables.What do you say?
    • Answer:  Vegetables are called sun-cooked foods. In tamil we say ‘sooriyanal samaikkappatta unavu‘. Man invented flint stones and hence came fire. If that discovery hadn’t occurred, we would all still be eating raw foods like the other species of animals. As a matter of fact, except the domesticated animals and birds, all other species still live on raw foods and that’s the law of nature.!!!



Green Juice

What is a green juice?

In nature cure, we typically start our day with a green juice. These are highly diluted, alkaline liquids which really soothe our tummies after the whole night’s fast (I mean, the word breakfast typically means we are breaking our night’s fast right??). Plus they also have body cleansing/ blood purifying capacities to give us better health.

Green Juice – Part Of Our Religion

I have always been stunned by the scientific excellence our ancestors possessed – we have solid evidence from our history, culture and religion to show our ancestors had mastered every possible field we can think of – health, astronomy, literature and what not!!

So discussing, green juice has been part of our religion for a long time – the herbs/leaves were linked to specific gods and rituals, but as we became more and more civilized (so-called??!!), we missed to understand their significance and hence lost touch with the herbs.

To name a few herbs/leaves ,

  1. Vilwa – offered to Lord Shiva
  2. Arugampul – offered to Lord Ganesha
  3. Tulasi – offered to Lord Vishnu
  4. Veppilai/neem leaves – offered to Goddess Shakthi

Choice Of Leaves For Green Juice

The following are common choices for green juice; we are expected to have any one of these subtle juices everyday.

Please note that, the subtler the juice, the powerful it is..!!

We can grind or mash any one of the following with water in a mixer and the resulting juice can be consumed directly or it can be strained and consumed. The quantity of resulting juice per person can be approximately 150 ml. Given below is the quantity per person diluted really well in water (approximately 150 ml) so that the juice almost tastes like water; that is juice is very subtle in taste.

  1. From Leaf Source
    1. Vilwa – 5-6 leaves
    2. Arugampul – 5-6 grasses
    3. Coriander – 1-2 strands
    4. Manathakkali – 5-6 leaves
    5. Tender Coconut – 1
  2. From Vegetable Source – 1 part vegetable pulp diluted in 3 parts water
    1. Banana stem/ vaazhai thandu 
    2. White Pumpkin/ven poosanai
    3. Water melon pulp – that is the white portion between outer skin and red pulp
    4. Chow Chow


  • Question: If we are to begin our day with green juice, what about my favorite tea, coffee or other health drinks?
    • Answer:  Tea/coffee are drinks we have been used to drinking. But green juice is something our body really wants to give us better health.
  • Question: But if I miss my morning tea/coffee, my whole day gets wasted because I will end up with a headache?
    • Answer:  We need to look at 2 pointers for this:
      • To begin with, we need to tell our minds clearly that tea/coffee are false appetizers/triggers and that we are actually disturbing the body’s regular metabolism by drinking them first thing in the morning
      • Secondly, looking at the cause of headache, (as we have been saying,) undigested food from the previous meals cause headache – simply put free circulation of blood  to the head is hampered by the improper digestion of food. But we think the early morning tea/coffee prevents the headache.
  • Question: I understand tea/coffee are false appetizers/triggers, but the headache does disappear after drinking a cup of tea/coffee, how do we look at that?
    • Answer:  As we have been saying, headache is an acute condition and we are supposed to stop feeding ourselves when we do get a headache. Defying this rule, when we go on to drink tea/coffee during this acute condition, the headache does disappear because but the body cannot allow the food to rot because food is priority. So the body goes on to digest the food, leaving the cleaning job unfinished and again the body is forced to accumulate those toxins inside our body till it gets the next opportunity. But we think tea/coffee has cured our headache..!! Rather we have just diverted the body’s attention to digestion from cleaning..!!
  • Question: My bowels get cleared up well only when I begin my day with a tea/coffee. How do we address that if I miss my morning tea?
    • Answer:  Well that’s a sensible question.
      • As per nature, we are expected to get the feeling to evacuate as soon as we sit up upright on the bed from the lying position; meaning we don’t need any external triggers to start the evacuation process. To get to this state, we need to make an overall lifestyle change as discussed in Health And Nutrition.
      • Also having evacuated after the tea/coffee doesn’t always necessarily mean our bowels are cleared fully.
      • Would like to recall the definition of constipation here – All my life I was thinking constipation means hard stools struggling to come out. But only after nature cure did I realize that as long as there is undigested matter left inside the intestinal track even after evacuation, we are still constipated. But we sometimes continue to eat post this incomplete evacuation thinking we have cleared our bowels. And that becomes the cause of all diseases.
  • Question: I am used to drinking something hot as my first drink, but what about the green juice?
    • Answer:  Again, beginning the day with a hot drink is something that we have just been used to. But a cool, soothing drink is what the body actually wants.
  • Question: Do we add any sweeteners to the green juice?
    • Answer:  No!!! Well, I know it’s a little hard to accept this, but it is possible to drink these juices without any added sweeteners. Sip the juice, warm it in the mouth for a few seconds, then drink it. If you can drink it with an open mind, you will realize that each of these subtle juices have a unique taste of their own…!!

Guess I have tried my best to explain all that I know about green juice here. In case I have missed any, please do post them below in the comments section, will get back on that.


Mono Fruit Breakfast

Fruits are called pre-digested foods, they energize your body and mind effortlessly – though it sounded really amazing to me the first time I heard it,  I couldn’t believe it until I tried it.

The main idea of nature cure as far as foods are concerned is to give minimum load to the digestive system so that the body’s vital energy is fully available to us for doing our everyday activities. Raw foods (in general), and fruits(in particular) are the perfect foods for this to happen.

FAQs on Mono-Fruit Breakfast

  • Question:  What is a mono fruit breakfast?
    • Answer: Eat only one type of fruit, that is if you decide to eat papaya, then you eat as much papaya so your tummy is full.
  • Question: We know fruits are good for the body – but do they fill your tummy till the next meal?
    • Answer: Yes and absolutely Yes if we begin our day with just fruits – no cooked food should be eaten till the next meal. (No tea, coffee, milk, or snacks of any kind, of course, green juice is allowed..!!).
      • Fruits are easily digested (rather they are called pre-digested food) and hence all the useful energy of the body is available to us for doing our activities. Eating a (heavy) cooked meal requires more of the body’s vital energy for digestion and hence we feel tired after a heavy meal and we are unable to do any active work post that.  Having said that you need to actually experience it to believe that fruits give an amazing fresh start to your day.
      • Please note we are not any specific diet plan – rather we are eating fruits to improve our health and hence remain freedisease; more importantly we are not limiting the quantity of fruits to a small bowl like it’s generally done on a diet plan. So fruits can make up for a perfect meal..!!
      • Initially when we start going on mono fruit breakfast
        • we might feel as though our tummy is not full at all – that’s mostly psychological.
        • we might not even have the feeling of having eaten a meal – that’s true and that’s the whole beauty of a mono fruit breakfast!!!!
  • Question: We have heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day – can fruits actually satisfy this huge nutritional requirement?
    • Answer:  Of course yes..!! Fruits are so full of nutrition in a ready-to-assimilate-pre-digested form – hence they need very little of the body’s effort to digest them – this explains how and why we feel so fresh physically and mentally when we begin our day with fruits. To be more precise, the body’s vital energy is fully available to us to do our day-to-day challenging activities when we begin our day with fruits. 
  • Question: What type of fruits do we eat?
    • Answer: It’s best to stick to seasonal fruits. Well-ripe fruits give the maximum benefit. I happened to come across this type of classification of fruits:
      • Saar ulla pazham (Water fruit) – water melon, pomegranate, sweet lime, etc. – you can have these kind of fruits on days when your hunger level is low.
      • Sadhai ulla pazham (Fleshy fruit) – papaya, banana, mangoes, jackfruit  (these fruits can be combined with fresh coconut to get a more filling and acidity-neutralizing effect – you can have these kind of fruits on days when your hunger level is high).
  • Question: What about eating fruit salads?
    • Answer: They are good. But eating one type of fruit is better since it puts very less load on the digestive system (as breakfast is breaking our night’s fast); because different fruits have different digestion capacities, it’s best not to mix them during the first meal of the day.
  • Question: What about fruit juices?
    • Answer:  It’s best to eat the whole fruits as they are, because we chew to eat the fruits, whereas we just swallow the juice, thereby losing its benefits. Elaborating on that, the saliva in our mouth plays a major role in the digestion of foods; eating a fruit means there are more chances of the saliva to get mixed with the fruit well than drinking it as a juice.
  • Question: Do we have to empty our bowels often when on a fruit diet?
    • Answer: The body has to decide. If you have to make a couple of trips to the bathroom initially, please feel free to do it as you are just helping your body detox..!! Generally, wrong order of eating, as in eating raw foods after cooked food upsets the stomach. Beginning the day with just fruits doesn’t upset the stomach.
  • Question: ‘Eating raw foods after cooked food upsets the stomach??– I mean can we eat fruits after a meal – like this is always the case in a wedding meal where we finish a cooked meal with a dessert/fruit salad?
    • Answer:  Fruits should never be consumed after a meal – FRUITS SHOULD ALWAYS BE CONDSUMED ON AN EMPTY STOMACH – the reason being very simple – fruits are easily digested , cooked food takes a little longer to digest. When we eat fruits before a meal, its perfect since the layering is just as it should be for the body. But when we eat fruits after a cooked meal, the easily digested fruit meal tries to come out either through the bowels or we feel nauseated since the layering of food is not conducive to the body. This is when we feel “fruits saaptaalae vayitha kalakkidum!!” – “Fruits always induce your bowels” – no this isn’t always the case.
  • Question: The benefits of a mono fruit breakfast sounds very inspiring. But am somehow am used to eating tasty traditional dishes like idli, dosa, roti for breakfast all my life. Beginning the day with fruits will leave me feeling hungry till lunch. I think it’s very difficult for me to make this change. What do you say?
    • Answer:  But am somehow used to eating tasty traditional dishes like idli, dosa, roti for breakfast all my life.‘ – And so was I..!!! When I first heard Arun sharma ji talk about mono fruit breakfast, though I liked the idea I never thought I will start following it until my husband asked if we could just try it for a coupe of weeks. We tried it and made the following observations:
      • We felt physically and mentally very very active and productive compared to having a traditional breakfast
      • Even a simple meal for lunch tasted really delicious because our taste buds became more sensitive to appreciate even subtler tastes
      • The cooking effort for the hurry-burry morning breakfast is not there anymore. We just need to sit down, cut the fruits and eat
      • We could eat only as much as the body wanted – isn’t this a great deal?? Because usually what happens with a traditional breakfast is if the sambar is tasty, we tend to eat a couple of idlis more than we really want and overload the system. Bu this just cannot happen with fruits – we could eat only as much as we were hungry which is exactly what the body wants to improve our health..!
      • Since there is no added sugar, oil, salt, tamarind or spice in the breakfast, you will naturally start losing the unwanted kilos effortlessly
  • Question: Since there was no added sugar,….‘ – So you mean to say we eat the fruits without any external sugar?
    • Answer:  Yes. Since we eat well ripe fruits, they are naturally very sweet and you don’t need any additional sweeteners.
  • Question: Mono fruit breakfast – what about the taste factor?
    • Answer:  So here comes the biggest question – how do we define taste? What food is tasty to a child who has just switched from mother feed to solids? Every food is tasty. We have been conditioned to believe that, say, a jangiri tastes so sweet, looks orange in color and so on. What if jangiris were originally made without dipping them in the sugar syrup?? We would have accepted it  that way right? Think about what taste really means..!!
  • Question: Mono fruit breakfast – understood the benefits and would like to try. But what would you do when you visit your friends and family; you can’t tell them you eat only fruits for breakfast; if you still tell them, won’t they feel bad because they are still used to eating traditional foods for breakfast?
    • Answer:  Agreed, that’s a really practical question. What we do is we politely tell them we are used to beginning our day with fruits; we also tell them we would definitely eat a sizable portion of the traditional tiffin they have made as part of brunch along with the regular lunch meal. So we end up eating what’s comfortable for us and we also eat what they wanted to offer us..!!

My personal experience on mono fruit breakfast

So doesn’t a mono fruit breakfast sound magical?? Read on to find out more about it.

After we tried the mono fruit breakfast for a couple of months, though our body realized the benefits, we still ended up getting a craving (which was definitely triggered by the mind) for traditional foods for breakfast. So what did we do? Of course, we had a traditional food for breakfast for a couple of days and then the real magic happened!!! Now our mind and body shouted back in unison, “Please give me only fruits for breakfast – they are so light and refreshing on our system; I still need traditional foods but only for the next meal.” This was when I really understood the power of raw foods..!!

Guess I have tried my best to explain all that I know about mono fruit breakfast here. In case I have missed any, please do post them below in the comments section, will get back on that.


Nature Cure

Health And Nutrition


All of us have different personal and professional career aspirations and the one major thing which supports or disturbs us from going towards our goal is health. There are enough quotes to describe the importance of health like ‘Health Is Wealth’, ‘When Health Is Lost, Everything Is Lost’ and so on. We are here to find out  what (all) we can do to achieve/maintain good health.

Our Whole Body Is One Organ

Whenever we talk about health, nutrition and disease, we tend to look at each and every organ of our body as separate – but according to nature, the whole body functions as one, in fact the whole body is considered as one single organ. As we start accepting this truth so many ambiguities about health become clear. Like for example, there is so much of a connection between a migraine and (food in general and) the previous meal (in  particular). But we tend to address the migraine from a totally disconnected angle and hence treatment of a migraine is also very disconnected from the actual cause.

Bridge Between Health And Nutrition

When we talk about health and nutrition, we can prepare a really long list of foods that are nutritious like for vegetarians its diary products, nuts, vegetables, fruits and for non-vegetarians, it is eggs, meat, fish and so on. Absolutely the above list could be perfectly true,BUT…….!!!

Before we move on to talk more about nutrition, lets consider this scenario: suppose if somebody is sick with a stomach upset – i feed him with, say, one of the nutritious foods – lots of nuts; will that person recover from his stomach upset. The answer is a big no, right? So what exactly are we trying to say here. Just because we eat a nutritious food we are not guaranteed of a better health. So where is the gap between nutrition and health?? IT’S IN OUR BODY’S METABOLISM..!! To achieve better health, our body’s metabolism needs to be perfect; to assimilate nutrients from the food we eat, our body’s metabolism needs to be perfect.

So what do we do to have a better metabolism?? There is no one stop solution for this; we need to make a lifestyle change (which is absolutely in line with nature) and then what happens?

  • Sick people recover from their illness and get back their health
  • Healthy people become healthier

Nature Cure Life Style For Better Health

  1. Healthy positive healing thoughts for the mind
    • A healthy mind leads to a healthy body’ –  ‘Mana Nalamae udal nalathin munnodi’.
    • The first and foremost of all healthy practices is to have a healthy mind full of positivity, energy, love and compassion.
    • After nature cure, I have made an amazing discovery about the influence of food on your mind, emotions and hence character. I mean what you eat has a direct influence on your mind. That’s why eating a Healthy positive healing food for the body is equally important.
  2. Healthy positive healing food for the body
    • These foods are conducive to the body’s pH balance and hence are easily assimilated by the body – as such they don’t overload the digestive system – sounds simple right? But here is the greatest truth – not overloading the digestion puts a positive impact on the mind and we become better individuals physically and mentally; because body and mind are not two separate entities, they go hand in hand.
    • Meal plan for a typical day
    • Talking about food and eating, these few other aspects need attention as well:
      • Eat only when you are hungry
        • We generally follow the man-made clock and feed ourselves – but we need to follow the biological clock to feed ourselves
        • We should not get deceived by the acidic pranks – its not real hunger
        • Three little golden rules I suggest
          • When you are thirsty, drink
          • When you are hungry, eat
          • When you are tired, take rest (sometimes we tend to eat when we are tired, but we just need to rest)
      • Drink solids and eat liquids
        • Chew the food really well so the carbohydrates in the food mixes with the saliva and gets converted to easily digestible sugars; the solid food we eat actually becomes a liquid before it enters our throat and hence most of the digestion is over in the mouth itself.
        • Sip liquids, taste it, warm it inside your mouth and then swallow it – you can take about 20-30 minutes to drink one glass of tender coconut..!!!
    • Also read about Five-fold food.
  3. Fasting
    • Fast regularly
      • What you eat is very important for having good health. Fasting (not eating) is equally important for having good health.
      • Read more on fasting.
    • Fast when you are sick
      • If “Food gives energy” is true, none of us should be falling sick, and even if we do food should be able to reverse our illness. Is this always true?? So fasting when we are sick is very important to recover quickly and effortlessly.
      • Read more on diseases – cause and cure
  4. Adequate Physical Activity
    • The aim of physical activity is to improve our blood circulation; when there is proper blood circulation to each and every organ of our body, we have better health and hence there is no disease. Some popular ways to keep you physically active are these:
      • Yoga
      • Walking
      • Brisk Walking
      • Jogging
      • Running
      • Skipping
    • A couple of generations ago, physical activity was part of people’s day to day life; it was not a separate entity like today when we allocate exclusive time for exercise like going to the gym. Rather they did what they needed to do to earn their living and physical activity was an inherent part of it. That explains why our ancestors were so healthy.
      • In the past (just to mention a few):
        • Because there weren’t so many means of transport, people walked really long distances to reach their destinations like walking to their farm and so on.
        • Because there was no electricity, they did everything manually like grinding flour in the stone and mortar, fetching water from a well, washing clothes and so on.
      • For the present day:
        • In whatever form we can, it becomes highly necessary to increase our physical activity and decrease the time we continuously sit in one place.
        • We should modify our lifestyles to become really really active physically while carrying on our day to day activities.
  5. Ample Rest 
    • This is totally decided by the body and it varies from person to person. You should be able to sleep the moment you go to bed and you should be feeling fresh as you wake up from bed.
  6. Listen to your body
    • Yes that’s right, our body is always trying to communicate to us what it needs and what it doesn’t need; we just need to listen to it, respect it, trust in it and act accordingly.
    • Like for example, there will be times when our body says ‘am not hungry, please don’t feed me now, I am just not in the mood to digest food now’; but we might go on to eat because we think skipping a meal is unhealthy.
    • We need to understand that our body is our own best doctor – the body’s creative intelligence is always trying to help us in every way if only we listen to it..!!!

FAQs on Health And Nutrition

  • Question: We know physical activity is very good for the body; but I get drained out very badly even after a small workout like walking and that’s the reason I resort to being sedentary. But I eat healthy and don’t skip meals. Where am I missing?
    • Answer: Whenever we do a physical activity which we are not generally used to, we tend to feel very tired post that. Sometimes when we enroll for any class like yoga or gym, we even tend to skip the next few classes because of this tiredness.
      • From my personal experience, the new workout stretches our muscles, so we feel the pain; but as always, the body is trying to heal the pain and that’s when we tend to eat more than usual under the pretext that we have worked more than usual. This unusual overload on the digestion causes the fatigue but we make the wrong connection and say the unusual workout has caused the fatigue!!!
      • After a heavy workout, if we can stick to eating positive foods discussed above, your body will be surprisingly light and you will very likely experience very less or no pain…!!!
  • Question: Talking about the meal plan for a typical day discussed above, how long do we need to be on this diet to get a better health?
    • Answer: Please note that we are not following any particular diet plan, we are just eating healthy and this is a lifestyle change we need to make for a lifetime to get better health.
  • Question: What about the weight loss factor in this lifestyle?
    • Answer:  As you get into this lifestyle, you will effortlessly lose only the unwanted kilos slowly or suddenly (like it happened to me, Read more on my healing experience).

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Guess I have tried my best to explain all that I know about health and nutrition here. In case I have missed any, please do post them below in the comments section, will get back on that soon.


The Pancha Bhoothas – Five Fold Food

This is the order of creation of the five basic elements:

  1. Ether (Space)
  2. Air
  3. Sunlight
  4. Water
  5. Earth

According to nature cure, these five elements are responsible for providing energy to us unlike the conventional belief that food(derived from Earth) is the only source of energy. Sounds weird right, yep that’s how it sounded to me as well till I experienced something, which I will tell you below.

We eat food through our mouth – this is something that all of us can agree with; but I have never thought about the oxygen that we breathe – we eat three meals a day, but we breathe every minute – so air is an important source of energy as well. Then consider water, our earth is composed of 75% water ; and so is our body which is also composed of 75% water – I have never thought about water as an important source of energy, but it is. And so is sunlight. And now what is ether? it is nothing – meaning space, emptiness. How can we get this energy into our body? By fasting – not eating food derived from earth.

Hence we arrive at the concept of Five Fold food.

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What Is Disease ?


Ever since we started our natural living journey, there was this one thing that was plaguing my mind – the widespread occurrence of disease, especially in the past 2 generations.

Our ancestors (I mean people who lived 3 or 4 generations before the current generation) were fairly healthy (and even if they fell sick they could handle it themselves) and they lived their life doing things productively. They had their entire lifetime at their disposal and health never bothered them too much. But today we (at least some of us) tend to fall sick often, either minor (consider even a headache) or major and at that time we somehow feel the need to seek external help to get rid of the problem. We have lost the concept of self – reliance (as far as our health is concerned) almost totally.

Just when I was very curious to find out about this, nature cure happened to us. Nature cure has answered almost every unanswered question about health, nutrition and disease.

Why are we scared of disease?

Ignorance breeds fear. When we do not know something clearly, we are scared.

Here I would like to quote what fear is from J Krishnamurthi’s lectures:

“First of all, you must know what fear is. If you know your wife, husband, parent, society, you are no longer afraid of them. To know about something completely makes the mind free from fear. “

The moment we hear the term disease subconsciously fear is triggered in all our minds – that fear could be small or big depending on how weak or strong minded we are. But as JK points out when we go on to understand what disease is completely, trust me you will stop worrying about falling sick.

Now having said that, I say disease is our friend. I know it sounds weird and scary, but I repeat disease is our friend and here is how. The so-called germs that cause disease (and those that we are really scared of) have actually entered our bodies to cleanse our bodies of unwanted toxins; and hence it follows that it doesn’t have any job inside a clean body – doesn’t this explain why some people are untouched by even the (so – called) most infectious disease?

So if disease helps to cleanse our bodies, why should we be scared of disease? In fact we should be thanking our bodies for initiating the process of cleansing right?

Definition Of Disease

Disease is the effort of the life force or the creative intelligence to rid our body of toxins and the associated symptoms are actually body’s way of communicating to us about the initiated cleaning and hence healing process.

Types Of Diseases

The broad spectrum of diseases classified by modern medicine can be grouped under these 3 categories  in nature cure:

  1. Acute (theevira noi) Diseases – these are short-term diseases that stop us from continuing our day-to-day activities; typhiod, malaria, chikunguniya or viral fever, etc., all fall under the category of acute diseases.  Acute diseases are characterized by the following 5 sysmptoms:
    • Fever
    • Cold/ cough
    • Headache, stomach ache (aches in general)
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhoea
  2. Chronic (mandha noi) Diseases– these are long-term diseases like diabates, blood pressure, etc.,
  3. Degenarative Diseases– these are self – destructive diseases like cancer, etc.,

Suppression of acute diseases (by taking medications of any sort) in the long run leads to chronic diseasesSuppression of chronic diseases (by taking medications of any sort) in the long run leads to degenerative diseases.

  • Suppression of ACUTE diseases –>>  CHRONIC diseases
  • Suppression of CHRONIC diseases  –>>  DEGENERATIVE diseases

The above 2 simple points explains why the occurrence of diabetes, BP, cholestrol, cancer has become so prevelant in our society.

Root Cause Of All Diseases

According to nature cure, constipation and undigested food are the main causes of almost all diseases that we know of. The wastes that are not properly eliminated from the body leads to a toxic build up inside the system and these are causing every disease on earth.

That said, nature cure claims labelling of diseases is not required at all. Because body’s inherent fight to expel toxins from the body is disease and the associated symptoms tell us that the body is fighting and we need to let the body do its job of cleansing and if required, support it (will elaborate about this soon).

So we don’t need to run after a paracetamol the moment our body heats up with a fever – our body is just telling us that the body’s expulsion mode is ON. Sounds interesting, but the fever hurts right? that’s when we need to go after the support systems which are explained below.


All my life I was thinking constipation means hard stools struggling to come out. But only after nature cure did I realize that as long as there is undigested matter left inside the intestinal track even after evacuation, we are still constipated. But we sometimes continue to eat post this incomplete evacuation thinking we have cleared our bowels. And that becomes the cause of all diseases.

So we can stay healthy (and hence lead a medicine-free life) if we make sure the food we ate has been properly digested, nutrients assimilated and waste evacuated completely. This concept is beautifully explained in this Thirukkural written by Thiruvalluvar:

மருந்தென வேண்டாவாம் யாக்கைக்கு அருந்தியது
அற்றது போற்றி உணின்.

How To Treat Acute Diseases – Supporting The Body’s Healing Process

Treatment of any disease begins by increasing our connection with the pancha boothas, namely ether, air, sunlight, water and earth. So here is how we can increase that connection;

    1. Ether – Start fasting and stop eating. No this is not the weekly fast that we are talking about here. If you have observed carefully, whenever we fall sick the first thing that happens to us is we lose our appetite which is nothing but our body tells us to stop giving food, so it can properly do its cleansing job. To put it simply, supposing we decide to clean up a room and as we clean, how would it be if someone kept throwing dust over and over again?? So not eating when we are sick is of utmost importance.
    2. Air – Get to a well-ventilated place whereby you can inhale more oxygen. If possible you can do simple breathing exercises.
    3. Sunlight – Wow, we get much much more than just Vitamin D from this amazing source of energy. Expose your body to sunlight, please note that I say here sun’s light and not sun’s heat; that is, you need to lie down under a tree or in shady place where you are exposed to sun light but you don’t feel the heat. If required you can wrap your head with a wet towel so that your head doesn’t get heated up.
    4. Water – Sip water whenever you feel thirsty or tired. You can try the wet packs or baths depending on the acute condition.
  1. Earth – You can make a paste of wet clay and apply it over the area where there is pain.
  2. Tona (mini enema can) – Using this  helps increase the peristalic movement and helps greatly during acute conditions.

FAQs on Disease

  • Question: What are the unwanted toxins that you are talking about?
    • Answer: Any undigested food left inside the body is a toxin.
  • Question: What do you exactly mean by suppression of a disease?
    • Answer: We said disease is something which is initiated by the body to clean our system. But whenever we fall sick, the first thing we resort to is medications (of any sort) which means we are trying to stop the body’s effort to clean our system. That’s why we say we have suppressed the disease and hence the body is forced to accumulate those toxins inside our body till it gets the next opportunity.
  • Question: So you say no therapy is necessary to treat a disease?
    • Answer: Well when our own body is the best doctor to treat our diseases, why go for anything else?
  • Question: I have heard people say that eating food during acute conditions cures the disease. Is it so?
    • Answer: Eating food during an acute condition also suppresses the disease. When the body is busy cleaning, we feed – but the body cannot allow the food to rot because food is priority. So the body goes on to digest the food, leaving the cleaning job unfinished and again the body is forced to accumulate those toxins inside our body till it gets the next opportunity. But we think the food has cured our disease..!!
  • Question: Won’t I feel drained out if I don’t eat any food when I am sick?
    • Answer: Actually no. Because the body first closes down the doors of the digestive system when we are sick by which the body says its not ready to digest any food. That’s why we get bitterness of mouth. So not eating actually reduces the load on the body. My personal experience is this – Illness may cause tiredness, but eating during illness doubles the feeling of tiredness.
  • Question: Won’t I feel pain and tiredness if I don’t take a paracetamol when am sick?
    • Answer: What is a paracetamol? – A paracetamol is an anti inflammatory and fever reducer drug. But why do we need to suppress the inflammation (that is pain) or fever when its been deliberately initiated by the body to make us healthier. Think about it..!!!
  • Question: Won’t I get dehydrated when am suffering from diarhoea?
    • Answer: Sipping of tender coconut instantly re-hydrates the body without disturbing the body’s cleaning process.
  • Question: What about vaccinations then – they help prevent disease right?
    • Answer: All along we were saying disease is our friend. So why should we prevent our friend from entering our house? Think about it..!!!
  • Question: What is the cause of headaches in general?
    • Answer: Undigested food from the previous meals cause headache – simply put free circulation of blood  to the head is hampered by the improper digestion of food.
      • We sometimes tend to overeat when we eat after a long break (like conscious or unexpected fasting). But we might have always made the wrong connection. We think skipping the meal caused the headache, where in reality overeating post that has caused the headache.
      • My personal experience about headache:
        • Before Nature Cure: I used to get headaches which will be accompanied by nausea and I will be forced to stop doing all work – and the worst thing is I wouldn’t be able to sleep either.
          • Cause of headache: I would usually link the headache to a cold weather or heavy physical activity or ‘not having dried the hair properly after a head bath’.
          • Treatment : I would have a paracetamol, so the headache and nausea would subside and then I would have my food and go to sleep.
        • After nature cure: The frequency and intensity of headaches have reduced greatly now because of conscious eating (like not eating when you are not hungry) and healthy eating habits. Not that I don’t indulge at all, in case I get tempted at a wedding and happen to indulge, I just skip the next meal or next couple of meals and only eat when I become fairly hungry.
          • Cause of headache: Undigested food.
          • Treatment : Fast till headache goes away and take tona.
  • Question: What is the cause of nausea/vomitting in general?
    • Answer: The normal elimination channel of our body is urine and motion. If for some reason, the elimination through the motion doesn’t happen properly, the body is forced to throw out the waste through vomiting. Simply put, whatever cannot go down comes up!!!
  • Question: What is the cause of common cold/cough in general?
    • Answer: Again, the normal elimination channel of our body is urine and motion. If for some reason, the elimination through the motion doesn’t happen properly, the body is forced to throw out the mucous through the nose and mouth. From my personal experience, the occurrence of common cold/cough has reduced a lot in our family ever since we reduced (we have not yet fully stopped, though) the consumption of diary products. Will write a separate post on “Our Journey Towards Veganism” soon.

Interesting Links

Guess I have tried my best to explain all that I know about disease here. In case I have missed any, please do post them below in the comments section, will get back on that.


Pollachi Camp 2017 Experience (BalaKrishna Ayya)

Now I have this mind-boggling experience to share. We attended the Life Natural/Nature Cure camp at Pollachi last week. The lectures were given by Balakrisha Aiya.

First I would like to talk about the location – it’s a pretty big, lovely farm located well away from city limits. The five elements of nature, the pancha boothas, namely, Ether, Air, Water, Sunlight, Earth are available aplenty there, at the farm.

Daily Routine At The Camp

  • 5 AM : Wake up – Empty your bowels normally – then use Tona, enema can filled with plain water to further cleanse your intestine
  • 6-7 AM : YOGA
  • 7: 15 AM : Green juice (diluted juice of arugampull/vilwa)
  • 7: 30 – 8:45 AM : Sun Basking, Hip Bath, Spine Bath, Mud Pack and finally regular head bath
  • 9 AM : Mono-Fruit breakfast, eating only one type of fruit
  • 10 AM – 1 PM : Enlightening lecture by Balakrishna Aiya
  • 1 – 2 PM : Raw Vegetable Salad, topped with coconut gratings, coriander
  • 2 – 6 PM : Enlightening lecture by Balakrishna Aiya and meditation
  • 7 PM : Cooked meal from brown rice and lot of cooked vegetables
  • 8 – 10 PM : Participants getting to know each other and fun activities
  • 10 PM : Retire to bed