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All of us have different personal and professional career aspirations and the one major thing which supports or disturbs us from going towards our goal is health. There are enough quotes to describe the importance of health like ‘Health Is Wealth’, ‘When Health Is Lost, Everything Is Lost’ and so on. We are here to find out  what (all) we can do to achieve/maintain good health.

Our Whole Body Is One Organ

Whenever we talk about health, nutrition and disease, we tend to look at each and every organ of our body as separate – but according to nature, the whole body functions as one, in fact the whole body is considered as one single organ. As we start accepting this truth so many ambiguities about health become clear. Like for example, there is so much of a connection between a migraine and (food in general and) the previous meal (in  particular). But we tend to address the migraine from a totally disconnected angle and hence treatment of a migraine is also very disconnected from the actual cause.

Bridge Between Health And Nutrition

When we talk about health and nutrition, we can prepare a really long list of foods that are nutritious like for vegetarians its diary products, nuts, vegetables, fruits and for non-vegetarians, it is eggs, meat, fish and so on. Absolutely the above list could be perfectly true,BUT…….!!!

Before we move on to talk more about nutrition, lets consider this scenario: suppose if somebody is sick with a stomach upset – i feed him with, say, one of the nutritious foods – lots of nuts; will that person recover from his stomach upset. The answer is a big no, right? So what exactly are we trying to say here. Just because we eat a nutritious food we are not guaranteed of a better health. So where is the gap between nutrition and health?? IT’S IN OUR BODY’S METABOLISM..!! To achieve better health, our body’s metabolism needs to be perfect; to assimilate nutrients from the food we eat, our body’s metabolism needs to be perfect.

So what do we do to have a better metabolism?? There is no one stop solution for this; we need to make a lifestyle change (which is absolutely in line with nature) and then what happens?

  • Sick people recover from their illness and get back their health
  • Healthy people become healthier

Nature Cure Life Style For Better Health

  1. Healthy positive healing thoughts for the mind
    • A healthy mind leads to a healthy body’ –  ‘Mana Nalamae udal nalathin munnodi’.
    • The first and foremost of all healthy practices is to have a healthy mind full of positivity, energy, love and compassion.
    • After nature cure, I have made an amazing discovery about the influence of food on your mind, emotions and hence character. I mean what you eat has a direct influence on your mind. That’s why eating a Healthy positive healing food for the body is equally important.
  2. Healthy positive healing food for the body
    • These foods are conducive to the body’s pH balance and hence are easily assimilated by the body – as such they don’t overload the digestive system – sounds simple right? But here is the greatest truth – not overloading the digestion puts a positive impact on the mind and we become better individuals physically and mentally; because body and mind are not two separate entities, they go hand in hand.
    • Meal plan for a typical day
    • Talking about food and eating, these few other aspects need attention as well:
      • Eat only when you are hungry
        • We generally follow the man-made clock and feed ourselves – but we need to follow the biological clock to feed ourselves
        • We should not get deceived by the acidic pranks – its not real hunger
        • Three little golden rules I suggest
          • When you are thirsty, drink
          • When you are hungry, eat
          • When you are tired, take rest (sometimes we tend to eat when we are tired, but we just need to rest)
      • Drink solids and eat liquids
        • Chew the food really well so the carbohydrates in the food mixes with the saliva and gets converted to easily digestible sugars; the solid food we eat actually becomes a liquid before it enters our throat and hence most of the digestion is over in the mouth itself.
        • Sip liquids, taste it, warm it inside your mouth and then swallow it – you can take about 20-30 minutes to drink one glass of tender coconut..!!!
    • Also read about Five-fold food.
  3. Fasting
    • Fast regularly
      • What you eat is very important for having good health. Fasting (not eating) is equally important for having good health.
      • Read more on fasting.
    • Fast when you are sick
      • If “Food gives energy” is true, none of us should be falling sick, and even if we do food should be able to reverse our illness. Is this always true?? So fasting when we are sick is very important to recover quickly and effortlessly.
      • Read more on diseases – cause and cure
  4. Adequate Physical Activity
    • The aim of physical activity is to improve our blood circulation; when there is proper blood circulation to each and every organ of our body, we have better health and hence there is no disease. Some popular ways to keep you physically active are these:
      • Yoga
      • Walking
      • Brisk Walking
      • Jogging
      • Running
      • Skipping
    • A couple of generations ago, physical activity was part of people’s day to day life; it was not a separate entity like today when we allocate exclusive time for exercise like going to the gym. Rather they did what they needed to do to earn their living and physical activity was an inherent part of it. That explains why our ancestors were so healthy.
      • In the past (just to mention a few):
        • Because there weren’t so many means of transport, people walked really long distances to reach their destinations like walking to their farm and so on.
        • Because there was no electricity, they did everything manually like grinding flour in the stone and mortar, fetching water from a well, washing clothes and so on.
      • For the present day:
        • In whatever form we can, it becomes highly necessary to increase our physical activity and decrease the time we continuously sit in one place.
        • We should modify our lifestyles to become really really active physically while carrying on our day to day activities.
  5. Ample Rest 
    • This is totally decided by the body and it varies from person to person. You should be able to sleep the moment you go to bed and you should be feeling fresh as you wake up from bed.
  6. Listen to your body
    • Yes that’s right, our body is always trying to communicate to us what it needs and what it doesn’t need; we just need to listen to it, respect it, trust in it and act accordingly.
    • Like for example, there will be times when our body says ‘am not hungry, please don’t feed me now, I am just not in the mood to digest food now’; but we might go on to eat because we think skipping a meal is unhealthy.
    • We need to understand that our body is our own best doctor – the body’s creative intelligence is always trying to help us in every way if only we listen to it..!!!

FAQs on Health And Nutrition

  • Question: We know physical activity is very good for the body; but I get drained out very badly even after a small workout like walking and that’s the reason I resort to being sedentary. But I eat healthy and don’t skip meals. Where am I missing?
    • Answer: Whenever we do a physical activity which we are not generally used to, we tend to feel very tired post that. Sometimes when we enroll for any class like yoga or gym, we even tend to skip the next few classes because of this tiredness.
      • From my personal experience, the new workout stretches our muscles, so we feel the pain; but as always, the body is trying to heal the pain and that’s when we tend to eat more than usual under the pretext that we have worked more than usual. This unusual overload on the digestion causes the fatigue but we make the wrong connection and say the unusual workout has caused the fatigue!!!
      • After a heavy workout, if we can stick to eating positive foods discussed above, your body will be surprisingly light and you will very likely experience very less or no pain…!!!
  • Question: Talking about the meal plan for a typical day discussed above, how long do we need to be on this diet to get a better health?
    • Answer: Please note that we are not following any particular diet plan, we are just eating healthy and this is a lifestyle change we need to make for a lifetime to get better health.
  • Question: What about the weight loss factor in this lifestyle?
    • Answer:  As you get into this lifestyle, you will effortlessly lose only the unwanted kilos slowly or suddenly (like it happened to me, Read more on my healing experience).

Interesting Links

Guess I have tried my best to explain all that I know about health and nutrition here. In case I have missed any, please do post them below in the comments section, will get back on that soon.

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