The Pancha Bhoothas – Five Fold Food

This is the order of creation of the five basic elements:

  1. Ether (Space)
  2. Air
  3. Sunlight
  4. Water
  5. Earth

According to nature cure, these five elements are responsible for providing energy to us unlike the conventional belief that food(derived from Earth) is the only source of energy. Sounds weird right, yep that’s how it sounded to me as well till I experienced something, which I will tell you below.

We eat food through our mouth – this is something that all of us can agree with; but I have never thought about the oxygen that we breathe – we eat three meals a day, but we breathe every minute – so air is an important source of energy as well. Then consider water, our earth is composed of 75% water ; and so is our body which is also composed of 75% water – I have never thought about water as an important source of energy, but it is. And so is sunlight. And now what is ether? it is nothing – meaning space, emptiness. How can we get this energy into our body? By fasting – not eating food derived from earth.

Hence we arrive at the concept of Five Fold food.

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