What Is Disease ?


Ever since we started our natural living journey, there was this one thing that was plaguing my mind – the widespread occurrence of disease, especially in the past 2 generations.

Our ancestors (I mean people who lived 3 or 4 generations before the current generation) were fairly healthy (and even if they fell sick they could handle it themselves) and they lived their life doing things productively. They had their entire lifetime at their disposal and health never bothered them too much. But today we (at least some of us) tend to fall sick often, either minor (consider even a headache) or major and at that time we somehow feel the need to seek external help to get rid of the problem. We have lost the concept of self – reliance (as far as our health is concerned) almost totally.

Just when I was very curious to find out about this, nature cure happened to us. Nature cure has answered almost every unanswered question about health, nutrition and disease.

Why are we scared of disease?

Ignorance breeds fear. When we do not know something clearly, we are scared.

Here I would like to quote what fear is from J Krishnamurthi’s lectures:

“First of all, you must know what fear is. If you know your wife, husband, parent, society, you are no longer afraid of them. To know about something completely makes the mind free from fear. “

The moment we hear the term disease subconsciously fear is triggered in all our minds – that fear could be small or big depending on how weak or strong minded we are. But as JK points out when we go on to understand what disease is completely, trust me you will stop worrying about falling sick.

Now having said that, I say disease is our friend. I know it sounds weird and scary, but I repeat disease is our friend and here is how. The so-called germs that cause disease (and those that we are really scared of) have actually entered our bodies to cleanse our bodies of unwanted toxins; and hence it follows that it doesn’t have any job inside a clean body – doesn’t this explain why some people are untouched by even the (so – called) most infectious disease?

So if disease helps to cleanse our bodies, why should we be scared of disease? In fact we should be thanking our bodies for initiating the process of cleansing right?

Definition Of Disease

Disease is the effort of the life force or the creative intelligence to rid our body of toxins and the associated symptoms are actually body’s way of communicating to us about the initiated cleaning and hence healing process.

Types Of Diseases

The broad spectrum of diseases classified by modern medicine can be grouped under these 3 categories  in nature cure:

  1. Acute (theevira noi) Diseases – these are short-term diseases that stop us from continuing our day-to-day activities; typhiod, malaria, chikunguniya or viral fever, etc., all fall under the category of acute diseases.  Acute diseases are characterized by the following 5 sysmptoms:
    • Fever
    • Cold/ cough
    • Headache, stomach ache (aches in general)
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhoea
  2. Chronic (mandha noi) Diseases– these are long-term diseases like diabates, blood pressure, etc.,
  3. Degenarative Diseases– these are self – destructive diseases like cancer, etc.,

Suppression of acute diseases (by taking medications of any sort) in the long run leads to chronic diseasesSuppression of chronic diseases (by taking medications of any sort) in the long run leads to degenerative diseases.

  • Suppression of ACUTE diseases –>>  CHRONIC diseases
  • Suppression of CHRONIC diseases  –>>  DEGENERATIVE diseases

The above 2 simple points explains why the occurrence of diabetes, BP, cholestrol, cancer has become so prevelant in our society.

Root Cause Of All Diseases

According to nature cure, constipation and undigested food are the main causes of almost all diseases that we know of. The wastes that are not properly eliminated from the body leads to a toxic build up inside the system and these are causing every disease on earth.

That said, nature cure claims labelling of diseases is not required at all. Because body’s inherent fight to expel toxins from the body is disease and the associated symptoms tell us that the body is fighting and we need to let the body do its job of cleansing and if required, support it (will elaborate about this soon).

So we don’t need to run after a paracetamol the moment our body heats up with a fever – our body is just telling us that the body’s expulsion mode is ON. Sounds interesting, but the fever hurts right? that’s when we need to go after the support systems which are explained below.


All my life I was thinking constipation means hard stools struggling to come out. But only after nature cure did I realize that as long as there is undigested matter left inside the intestinal track even after evacuation, we are still constipated. But we sometimes continue to eat post this incomplete evacuation thinking we have cleared our bowels. And that becomes the cause of all diseases.

So we can stay healthy (and hence lead a medicine-free life) if we make sure the food we ate has been properly digested, nutrients assimilated and waste evacuated completely. This concept is beautifully explained in this Thirukkural written by Thiruvalluvar:

மருந்தென வேண்டாவாம் யாக்கைக்கு அருந்தியது
அற்றது போற்றி உணின்.

How To Treat Acute Diseases – Supporting The Body’s Healing Process

Treatment of any disease begins by increasing our connection with the pancha boothas, namely ether, air, sunlight, water and earth. So here is how we can increase that connection;

    1. Ether – Start fasting and stop eating. No this is not the weekly fast that we are talking about here. If you have observed carefully, whenever we fall sick the first thing that happens to us is we lose our appetite which is nothing but our body tells us to stop giving food, so it can properly do its cleansing job. To put it simply, supposing we decide to clean up a room and as we clean, how would it be if someone kept throwing dust over and over again?? So not eating when we are sick is of utmost importance.
    2. Air – Get to a well-ventilated place whereby you can inhale more oxygen. If possible you can do simple breathing exercises.
    3. Sunlight – Wow, we get much much more than just Vitamin D from this amazing source of energy. Expose your body to sunlight, please note that I say here sun’s light and not sun’s heat; that is, you need to lie down under a tree or in shady place where you are exposed to sun light but you don’t feel the heat. If required you can wrap your head with a wet towel so that your head doesn’t get heated up.
    4. Water – Sip water whenever you feel thirsty or tired. You can try the wet packs or baths depending on the acute condition.
  1. Earth – You can make a paste of wet clay and apply it over the area where there is pain.
  2. Tona (mini enema can) – Using this  helps increase the peristalic movement and helps greatly during acute conditions.

FAQs on Disease

  • Question: What are the unwanted toxins that you are talking about?
    • Answer: Any undigested food left inside the body is a toxin.
  • Question: What do you exactly mean by suppression of a disease?
    • Answer: We said disease is something which is initiated by the body to clean our system. But whenever we fall sick, the first thing we resort to is medications (of any sort) which means we are trying to stop the body’s effort to clean our system. That’s why we say we have suppressed the disease and hence the body is forced to accumulate those toxins inside our body till it gets the next opportunity.
  • Question: So you say no therapy is necessary to treat a disease?
    • Answer: Well when our own body is the best doctor to treat our diseases, why go for anything else?
  • Question: I have heard people say that eating food during acute conditions cures the disease. Is it so?
    • Answer: Eating food during an acute condition also suppresses the disease. When the body is busy cleaning, we feed – but the body cannot allow the food to rot because food is priority. So the body goes on to digest the food, leaving the cleaning job unfinished and again the body is forced to accumulate those toxins inside our body till it gets the next opportunity. But we think the food has cured our disease..!!
  • Question: Won’t I feel drained out if I don’t eat any food when I am sick?
    • Answer: Actually no. Because the body first closes down the doors of the digestive system when we are sick by which the body says its not ready to digest any food. That’s why we get bitterness of mouth. So not eating actually reduces the load on the body. My personal experience is this – Illness may cause tiredness, but eating during illness doubles the feeling of tiredness.
  • Question: Won’t I feel pain and tiredness if I don’t take a paracetamol when am sick?
    • Answer: What is a paracetamol? – A paracetamol is an anti inflammatory and fever reducer drug. But why do we need to suppress the inflammation (that is pain) or fever when its been deliberately initiated by the body to make us healthier. Think about it..!!!
  • Question: Won’t I get dehydrated when am suffering from diarhoea?
    • Answer: Sipping of tender coconut instantly re-hydrates the body without disturbing the body’s cleaning process.
  • Question: What about vaccinations then – they help prevent disease right?
    • Answer: All along we were saying disease is our friend. So why should we prevent our friend from entering our house? Think about it..!!!
  • Question: What is the cause of headaches in general?
    • Answer: Undigested food from the previous meals cause headache – simply put free circulation of blood  to the head is hampered by the improper digestion of food.
      • We sometimes tend to overeat when we eat after a long break (like conscious or unexpected fasting). But we might have always made the wrong connection. We think skipping the meal caused the headache, where in reality overeating post that has caused the headache.
      • My personal experience about headache:
        • Before Nature Cure: I used to get headaches which will be accompanied by nausea and I will be forced to stop doing all work – and the worst thing is I wouldn’t be able to sleep either.
          • Cause of headache: I would usually link the headache to a cold weather or heavy physical activity or ‘not having dried the hair properly after a head bath’.
          • Treatment : I would have a paracetamol, so the headache and nausea would subside and then I would have my food and go to sleep.
        • After nature cure: The frequency and intensity of headaches have reduced greatly now because of conscious eating (like not eating when you are not hungry) and healthy eating habits. Not that I don’t indulge at all, in case I get tempted at a wedding and happen to indulge, I just skip the next meal or next couple of meals and only eat when I become fairly hungry.
          • Cause of headache: Undigested food.
          • Treatment : Fast till headache goes away and take tona.
  • Question: What is the cause of nausea/vomitting in general?
    • Answer: The normal elimination channel of our body is urine and motion. If for some reason, the elimination through the motion doesn’t happen properly, the body is forced to throw out the waste through vomiting. Simply put, whatever cannot go down comes up!!!
  • Question: What is the cause of common cold/cough in general?
    • Answer: Again, the normal elimination channel of our body is urine and motion. If for some reason, the elimination through the motion doesn’t happen properly, the body is forced to throw out the mucous through the nose and mouth. From my personal experience, the occurrence of common cold/cough has reduced a lot in our family ever since we reduced (we have not yet fully stopped, though) the consumption of diary products. Will write a separate post on “Our Journey Towards Veganism” soon.

Interesting Links

Guess I have tried my best to explain all that I know about disease here. In case I have missed any, please do post them below in the comments section, will get back on that.

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