Mono Fruit Breakfast

Fruits are called pre-digested foods, they energize your body and mind effortlessly – though it sounded really amazing to me the first time I heard it,  I couldn’t believe it until I tried it.

The main idea of nature cure as far as foods are concerned is to give minimum load to the digestive system so that the body’s vital energy is fully available to us for doing our everyday activities. Raw foods (in general), and fruits(in particular) are the perfect foods for this to happen.

FAQs on Mono-Fruit Breakfast

  • Question:  What is a mono fruit breakfast?
    • Answer: Eat only one type of fruit, that is if you decide to eat papaya, then you eat as much papaya so your tummy is full.
  • Question: We know fruits are good for the body – but do they fill your tummy till the next meal?
    • Answer: Yes and absolutely Yes if we begin our day with just fruits – no cooked food should be eaten till the next meal. (No tea, coffee, milk, or snacks of any kind, of course, green juice is allowed..!!).
      • Fruits are easily digested (rather they are called pre-digested food) and hence all the useful energy of the body is available to us for doing our activities. Eating a (heavy) cooked meal requires more of the body’s vital energy for digestion and hence we feel tired after a heavy meal and we are unable to do any active work post that.  Having said that you need to actually experience it to believe that fruits give an amazing fresh start to your day.
      • Please note we are not any specific diet plan – rather we are eating fruits to improve our health and hence remain freedisease; more importantly we are not limiting the quantity of fruits to a small bowl like it’s generally done on a diet plan. So fruits can make up for a perfect meal..!!
      • Initially when we start going on mono fruit breakfast
        • we might feel as though our tummy is not full at all – that’s mostly psychological.
        • we might not even have the feeling of having eaten a meal – that’s true and that’s the whole beauty of a mono fruit breakfast!!!!
  • Question: We have heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day – can fruits actually satisfy this huge nutritional requirement?
    • Answer:  Of course yes..!! Fruits are so full of nutrition in a ready-to-assimilate-pre-digested form – hence they need very little of the body’s effort to digest them – this explains how and why we feel so fresh physically and mentally when we begin our day with fruits. To be more precise, the body’s vital energy is fully available to us to do our day-to-day challenging activities when we begin our day with fruits. 
  • Question: What type of fruits do we eat?
    • Answer: It’s best to stick to seasonal fruits. Well-ripe fruits give the maximum benefit. I happened to come across this type of classification of fruits:
      • Saar ulla pazham (Water fruit) – water melon, pomegranate, sweet lime, etc. – you can have these kind of fruits on days when your hunger level is low.
      • Sadhai ulla pazham (Fleshy fruit) – papaya, banana, mangoes, jackfruit  (these fruits can be combined with fresh coconut to get a more filling and acidity-neutralizing effect – you can have these kind of fruits on days when your hunger level is high).
  • Question: What about eating fruit salads?
    • Answer: They are good. But eating one type of fruit is better since it puts very less load on the digestive system (as breakfast is breaking our night’s fast); because different fruits have different digestion capacities, it’s best not to mix them during the first meal of the day.
  • Question: What about fruit juices?
    • Answer:  It’s best to eat the whole fruits as they are, because we chew to eat the fruits, whereas we just swallow the juice, thereby losing its benefits. Elaborating on that, the saliva in our mouth plays a major role in the digestion of foods; eating a fruit means there are more chances of the saliva to get mixed with the fruit well than drinking it as a juice.
  • Question: Do we have to empty our bowels often when on a fruit diet?
    • Answer: The body has to decide. If you have to make a couple of trips to the bathroom initially, please feel free to do it as you are just helping your body detox..!! Generally, wrong order of eating, as in eating raw foods after cooked food upsets the stomach. Beginning the day with just fruits doesn’t upset the stomach.
  • Question: ‘Eating raw foods after cooked food upsets the stomach??– I mean can we eat fruits after a meal – like this is always the case in a wedding meal where we finish a cooked meal with a dessert/fruit salad?
    • Answer:  Fruits should never be consumed after a meal – FRUITS SHOULD ALWAYS BE CONDSUMED ON AN EMPTY STOMACH – the reason being very simple – fruits are easily digested , cooked food takes a little longer to digest. When we eat fruits before a meal, its perfect since the layering is just as it should be for the body. But when we eat fruits after a cooked meal, the easily digested fruit meal tries to come out either through the bowels or we feel nauseated since the layering of food is not conducive to the body. This is when we feel “fruits saaptaalae vayitha kalakkidum!!” – “Fruits always induce your bowels” – no this isn’t always the case.
  • Question: The benefits of a mono fruit breakfast sounds very inspiring. But am somehow am used to eating tasty traditional dishes like idli, dosa, roti for breakfast all my life. Beginning the day with fruits will leave me feeling hungry till lunch. I think it’s very difficult for me to make this change. What do you say?
    • Answer:  But am somehow used to eating tasty traditional dishes like idli, dosa, roti for breakfast all my life.‘ – And so was I..!!! When I first heard Arun sharma ji talk about mono fruit breakfast, though I liked the idea I never thought I will start following it until my husband asked if we could just try it for a coupe of weeks. We tried it and made the following observations:
      • We felt physically and mentally very very active and productive compared to having a traditional breakfast
      • Even a simple meal for lunch tasted really delicious because our taste buds became more sensitive to appreciate even subtler tastes
      • The cooking effort for the hurry-burry morning breakfast is not there anymore. We just need to sit down, cut the fruits and eat
      • We could eat only as much as the body wanted – isn’t this a great deal?? Because usually what happens with a traditional breakfast is if the sambar is tasty, we tend to eat a couple of idlis more than we really want and overload the system. Bu this just cannot happen with fruits – we could eat only as much as we were hungry which is exactly what the body wants to improve our health..!
      • Since there is no added sugar, oil, salt, tamarind or spice in the breakfast, you will naturally start losing the unwanted kilos effortlessly
  • Question: Since there was no added sugar,….‘ – So you mean to say we eat the fruits without any external sugar?
    • Answer:  Yes. Since we eat well ripe fruits, they are naturally very sweet and you don’t need any additional sweeteners.
  • Question: Mono fruit breakfast – what about the taste factor?
    • Answer:  So here comes the biggest question – how do we define taste? What food is tasty to a child who has just switched from mother feed to solids? Every food is tasty. We have been conditioned to believe that, say, a jangiri tastes so sweet, looks orange in color and so on. What if jangiris were originally made without dipping them in the sugar syrup?? We would have accepted it  that way right? Think about what taste really means..!!
  • Question: Mono fruit breakfast – understood the benefits and would like to try. But what would you do when you visit your friends and family; you can’t tell them you eat only fruits for breakfast; if you still tell them, won’t they feel bad because they are still used to eating traditional foods for breakfast?
    • Answer:  Agreed, that’s a really practical question. What we do is we politely tell them we are used to beginning our day with fruits; we also tell them we would definitely eat a sizable portion of the traditional tiffin they have made as part of brunch along with the regular lunch meal. So we end up eating what’s comfortable for us and we also eat what they wanted to offer us..!!

My personal experience on mono fruit breakfast

So doesn’t a mono fruit breakfast sound magical?? Read on to find out more about it.

After we tried the mono fruit breakfast for a couple of months, though our body realized the benefits, we still ended up getting a craving (which was definitely triggered by the mind) for traditional foods for breakfast. So what did we do? Of course, we had a traditional food for breakfast for a couple of days and then the real magic happened!!! Now our mind and body shouted back in unison, “Please give me only fruits for breakfast – they are so light and refreshing on our system; I still need traditional foods but only for the next meal.” This was when I really understood the power of raw foods..!!

Guess I have tried my best to explain all that I know about mono fruit breakfast here. In case I have missed any, please do post them below in the comments section, will get back on that.


3 thoughts on “Mono Fruit Breakfast

  1. Wow, what an article! You have done an excellent job absolutely. Covered all information what we learnt in camp in a simple question and answer format and yet everything is covered in detail. Hmm, I feel that you have not missed any point in this. Good job and Keep going!


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