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Healing food for the body


As a society, all of us have different ideas and convictions about what is ideal food for a healthy person and a sick person. This is based on so many factors like how and where we were brought up and so on.

But according to nature, there is a very basic, yet powerful food designated for each of the living being on earth. And quite sensibly, all the living beings are bestowed with the respective natural instincts on what is good and what is not good for the body. This is very evident from the famous tamil proverb below:

Puli pasithaalum pullai thinnadhu

Translation: A tiger (being a carnivore) does not eat grass (as grass is a food meant for the herbivore) even when it is hungry

When living beings eat and live in accordance with these natural instincts, they can obviously lead a healthy life; most of the living beings today are still sensitive to these natural instincts except the ‘caged/domesticated animals (because we humans decide what they need to feed on) and of course we humans..!!’ And arguably, the caged/domesticated animals and the humans are the only ones who need external intervention when they fall sick because over the past thousands of years, we have gradually lost these natural instincts and we are pre-conditioned to believe what is good food and what is bad food for the body.

Nature Cure attempts to revive these natural instincts so we can lead a healthy life by being our own body’s doctor..!! Simply put, Nature Cure is not a modern scientific theory, rather it’s just reiterating the laws of nature to get better health.

Meal plan for a typical day

Our body’s pH is approximately 70% alkaline and 30% acidic – that’s why we have heard people say alkaline foods are what the body mainly needs. Guess what types of food are actually alkaline?? Green juice, raw salads, fresh coconut, tender coconut are the only alkaline foods known to us!!! Fruits and all types of cooked/processed foods are acidic..!! Our body will be happy only when we supply more of alkaline foods and less of acidic foods and that’s why its so important to eat the right kind of meal every day to remain healthy.

Aligning our body with the above said rhythm of nature, nature cure specifies the following meal plan for a typical day which is a positive healing food for the body:

  • Welcome Drink of the dayGreen Juice
  • Breakfast – Mono Fruit  
  • LunchRaw Vegetable salads 
  • Dinner – Conservatively cooked food

Yes, I agree this meal plan is totally not what we are used to, as a society. Switching to this kind of a plan and sustaining is not really easy unless you completely realise the importance and significance of this diet plan. So let’s now go a few steps deeper to understand more about this meal plan.

Importance Of Raw Foods

Raw foods, namely, green juice, fruits and salads are called sun cooked foods and hence are very conducive to our body’s metabolism in assimilation/absorption and elimination; raw foods are totally what nature intended us to eat to lead a healthy life; they are so full of energy and nutrition. When civilizations began, these laws of nature were definitely imbibed in their lifestyle and as years passed by, we slowly lost touch with these healthy eating practices one by one.

According to nature cure, these sun cooked foods are more than enough to give us energy to do all kinds of physical and mental labour, if only our mind would let us do it whole-heartedly..!!!

Now let’s find out the importance of each one of these raw foods in detail.

Importance Of Green Juice

On every day, our body’s default detox period is during the night – that is this is when we fast daily to enable our body to rid ourselves of toxins (and that’s why taking a proper deep sleep is very important). So green juice becomes the welcome drink of the day as it aids the body in continuing it’s process of daily detox. Read more to find out..!!

Importance Of Mono Fruit Breakfast

Now the solid meal we take as soon as we wake up every morning is of utmost importance because we are actually breaking our night’s fast. The lighter the food, the better. So fruits are an ideal choice for breakfast. Also this is the time when we begin our day to day activities like school or work and we need to be fully productive there. Fruits satisfy this requirement as well. Read more to find out about fruit breakfast..!!

Importance Of Raw Vegetable Salads

Lunch becomes the next important meal of the day since we would still be continuing our day to day activities like school or work and our energy/nutrition requirements are still high. Raw vegetable salads become an ideal choice here. Read more to find out about salads..!!

Importance Of Conservatively Cooked Food

According to nature cure, fire cooked foods are prescribed in the meal plan only to pacify our mind. Because we are used to eating cooked foods for generations together and we can’t get out of it totally. Also when we stick to certain healthy cooking rules, a fire cooked meal can still be a positive healing food for the body. Read more to find out about it..!!!

Personal Experience Of Being On This Meal Plan

We have observed lot of positive changes in our body and mind when we follow the above diet plan (we are trying our best to follow the whole course as much as possible, I admit we do deviate from the plan..!!) . It’s absolutely ok to have deviations so long as we understand there are several steps to take to get better health and the more we follow, that is the closer we get to this lifestyle, the better our health gets.

Am mentioning a few observations of having better health after we entered nature cure here (please note all these is in spite of the deviations; just imagine how better things will get when we adhere to this lifestyle fully..!!!):

  • Being on raw foods through the day till sunset increases our ability to withstand heat/external temperature; Note: our body actually gets heated up when it’s struggling to digest cooked foods
  • Less or no perspiration and hence no associated tiredness even during peak summer
  • Can wake up fresh every morning without much body stiffness
  • No laziness throughtout the day
  • Better and effortless digestion
  • Highly alert and active mind
  • Light and energetic body
  • And more….!! The list is endless..!!!


  • Question: Can the order of the meal plan be interchanged? Because I find it a little awkward to eat salads for lunch when my colleagues are around.
    • Answer:  Of course yes. The order described above is very conducive to the natural rhythm of the body and the world around it. But for practical reasons, the order can definitely be interchanged since we are still eating the same positive foods, only in a different order. But it’s best to begin our day with raw foods, either fruits or salads.Here’s a possible order:
      • Welcome DrinkGreen Juice
      • BreakfastVegetable salads 
      • LunchConservatively cooked food
      • DinnerMono Fruit

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Agarbathi Stand

One evening, me and my husband were busy getting ready to go out; Haran, my lo was silently engaged in doing something near the Puja shelf. After a couple of minutes he called out to us and showed this beautiful creation, calling it kutty veedu, small house..!! He had formed this using agarbathis, an agarbathi stand and a metal lamp shade.


Natural Learning


Today my toddler suddenly asked if he could paint. So we ran around the house and quickly picked up some art supplies and my toddler started his first pot painting.

Here is how the finished pot looks:

In the process, he enjoyed doing some arranging activities:


DIY - Do It Yourself

Toy Car Shelf

We were looking to organise the toy cars of my toddler and found some amazing links on the internet and we made this simple yet beautiful toy car shelf using PVC pipes. My little one loved this setup.

Natural Learning

Places Of Interest

  • Temples – According to me, temples were only a place meant for religious interactions till I heard Art History lessons from Dr.Chithra Madhavan, Guest Lecturer, Visual Arts Department, Kalakshetra Foundation. From historical times, temples were built as centers of religion, education, arts, history, culture, social interaction and more. With this perspective in mind, when I started visiting temples, especially ancient temples, I was just spellbound by the architectural and scientific excellence our ancestors possessed. In any case, whether ancient or new, temples, I have found to be inspiring places for children to learn because it’s a happening place. Here are some of my favourites:
    • In and Around Chennai
      • Marundheeswarar temple,Thiruvanmiyur
      • Pamban Swamy temple, Thiruvanmiyur
      • Arupadai Murugan temple, Besant Nagar
      • Ashtalakshmi temple, Besant Nagar
      • Ananthapadmanabha Swamy temple, Adyar
      • Kapaleeswarar temple, Mylapore
      • Shirdi SaiBaba temple, Injambakkam
      • Hare Rama, Hare Krishna temple, ISKCON, Akkarai
      • Hare Rama, Hare Krishna temple, ISKCON, Thiruvanmiyur
      • Puri Jagannath temple, Uthandi
      • Matsya Narayana temple, Uthandi
      • Ardhanaareeswarar temple, Suddhananda Ashram, Nainarkuppam, Uthandi
      • Prathyangara temple, Sholinganallur
      • Skandasramam, Selaiyur, Tambaram
      • Thenupureeswarar Temple, Madambakkam, Tambaram
      • Singaperumal Kovil, GST Road
      • Sri Veera Anjaneya Swamy temple, Puduppakkam, Kelambakkam
      • Sri Chakra Maha Meru 18 Siddhar Universal Temple, Madambakkam
      • Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple, Thiruvidandai,ECR
    • Outside Chennai
      • In and Around Kumbakonam
        • MahalingaSwamy temple
      • In and Around Thanjavur
        • Brihadeeswarar temple (popularly known as Thanjai Periya Kovil)