Creating Creativity

Treasury Of My Student’s Works

I dedicate this post to each and everyone of my students who chose to work with me to understand what I knew about drawing and painting. Am posting below some of the amazing works of my students:

Athul’s Works – Paintings

I owe a great deal to Athul’s parents for inspiring me and letting me know that I could teach art.

Athul came to me during his first standard annual holidays and after the initial creativity and skill development exercises he made this beautiful painting, the ArdhaNaareeswarar almost all by himself with just a little guidance from me. He transferred  the design using carbon paper and painted it with poster colours with so much precision, taking enough care not to cross the outline as he paints. It turned out as beautiful as that..!!!

And he created this master piece tanjore painting which I personally liked for his drive towards perfection:


Athul’s Works – Still Life/Sketches


Ananya’s Works

She has produced really good works because I felt she had an amazing sense of being in the present.!!!

Student’s Works – General

Student’s Works – Tanjore Painting

Student’s sketches

Free Style Drawings
Free Style Drawings
Free Style Drawings
Apple themed objects
Free Style Drawings
Free Style Drawings
Free Style Drawings

I would particuarly like to highlight these drawings where the lines are really very strong shhowing that these were drawn with utmost confidence, without a need for an eraser.

Am just amazed at the way each of these drawings emote to the on-looker; (clockwise from left) the comfort level of the lady, the state of bliss of the coffee maker, the emptiness in the eyes of the girl,  the super punch of the spiderman, the speedy movement of the horse. Wooowww…!!!


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