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My Menstruation Experience

Why I decided to talk about my menstruation experience in public?

In our society, talking about a woman’s menstruation experience in public is really not encouraged for reasons whatsoever. Being a typical product of this society, I too was totally convinced about the privacy of a woman’s period cycle until I started using cloth pads. At about the same time, we also started following nature cure lifestyle in our home and my menstruation experience became so effortless and hence am writing this post hoping the excerpts could be of some use to others.!!!

Transition To Cloth Pads

As part of our natural living journey, I stopped using disposable pads about an year or more ago and transitioned to cloth pads – the effort was made to save our environment from the toxic used disposable pads; interestingly, the cloth pad experience seemed eco-friendly for the environment as well as the woman’s body…!!

Making the transition is not a very remote experience as our own mothers and grandmothers have been using it for most part of their lives. And for those of you who are worried about the leakage issues of using old cloth rags as a pad, today’s cloth pads look and feel very much like a disposable pad in the sense that it can be buttoned tight to our inner-wears and they also come in varying thickness to hold varying intensities of flows.

Life After Cloth Pads

Though the transition to cloth pads was triggered in me for environment-friendly reasons initially, only after I started using it did I realise there is so much more understanding behind how our grandmothers managed to use cloth pads all their lives without much trouble; they had a relatively easy menstrual cycle experience every month, easy conception, easy pregnancy and easy menopause.

When I had a casual conversation with a couple of women from the older generation about their menstrual experience, they all responded saying they used to menstruate only for 2.5-3 days every month (and it used be a casual experience with little or no pain and a manageable flow using just old clothes and not extra heavy pads that we use today.); I was really shocked to hear this since I always had a 5 day menstrual cycle and that’s really normal as per today’s medical standards.

When I was just wondering why menstruation has become such a difficult experience (be it the number of pads we use or the pain we experience) for many women today, nature cure happened to me as an answer to the above concern.

My Menstrual Experience After Nature Cure

Before we actually started following nature cure, I started my journey towards veganism (diary free diet, I am still not a 100% vegan though..!!! ) from being a vegetarian. I personally felt this slow change in diet itself reduced my menstrual flow as such and my menstrual cycle lasted for only about 3-4 days which would otherwise last for about 5-6 days.

Moving on, we started following nature cure lifestyle and ever since my menstrual cycle lasts for 2.5-3 days and post that I don’t feel the need a use a pad. My overall flow has also reduced and hence the number and intensity of pads I use over the 3 day period has also reduced.

As I was mentioning before, I am still not a 100% vegan; on those months when I do tend to consume a lot of diary products, I kind of noticed my menstrual cycle goes beyond 3 days and that’s totally my personal experience.

Menstrual Experience Of Women In The Past

Though I had a comfortable menstrual cycle if I cut down my consumption of diary products, I had a strong feeling that Veganism is a very recent concept and despite consuming diary products, our grandmothers were fairly healthy compared to us; this thought kept lingering in my mind; as a consequence to that, I once started a casual conversation with my grandma regarding the role of diary products in their life and the ambiguity about veganism was actually clarified.

In most houses those days, they had their own cows and calves and they were literally treated as family members and sometimes even more special; our ancestors were ethical enough that they first let the calves feed on the cow and extracted only the remaining milk for domestic use. And this little portion of milk used to be shared by the entire family of 5 to 10; and milk was in most cases never consumed as milk and it was fermented to make curd ; curd was churned to get butter and the final product, buttermilk was shared by the entire family (fermentation of milk kind of makes it go easy on the intestine). So a woman’s average consumption of diary products would definitely have been very less in those days.

In addition, women in the past also followed most of the basic health rules like adequate physical activity, ample rest, positive mind, fasting, healthy food and conscious eating, etc – so women in those days had a relatively good body metabolism and hence a easy period cycle.

Points To Ponder

Menstruation is the time of the month when a woman’s fertility organs are cleansed to get ready to house the next cycle’s egg.

  • isn’t resting ‘the woman’s body as much as possible’ very important during this time so the body can use all the vital energy to do the cleaning well to maintain perfect fertility? 
  • isn’t it why our ancestors asked women to be isolated during those days?

2 thoughts on “My Menstruation Experience

  1. Hi, my search for natural lifestyle brought me to your blog.I read about your menstrual experience.I am going through the same pattern of lower than usual flow , for smaller days and relatively easy periods.Do you think it is still worth checking with a doctor on this change? I have hardly had any major discomfort except for constipation and some bloating.However now, i don’t face either constipation or bloating.


    1. Hey hi,
      Good to hear from you. As long as you are feeling healthy, there is no need for any opinion from a doctor. Please take care.


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