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My Journey Towards Veganism

About Diary Products In Our Life

Human mothers lactate to feed their babies and they stop producing milk once the baby stops feeding on the mother – this is the obvious truth about all mammals regarding lactation.

Similarly cows lactate to feed their own calves and they stop producing milk once the calf stops feeding on the cow; Cows’ milk is obviously meant for the calf – I have never hought about this simple fact ever before in my life and once I started realizing it, I started moving towards veganism, though I was still worried about the lack of nutrition in a vegan diet.

There is also another law of nature that calves attain puberty much earlier than humans and hence the composition of cow’s milk is such that it supports early maturity and humans in most cases may not need that extra nutrition. As a result, cow’s milk is a little too heavy for the human intestine in terms of digestion and becomes comparatively better-digestible when it is fermented to form curd and better still when it is made into buttermilk by removing the fatty butter from it.

Veganism And Nutrition

There is a common belief in our society that diary products is the major source of nutrition for vegetarians in terms of protiens and calcium and that though a vegan diet is ethically good, it is definitely a deficient diet. Though I wanted to become a vegan for ethical reasons, I too had my own doubts about the nutrition factor in a vegan diet.

But when veganism is so much in line with the law of nature, then I somehow felt the nutrition factor should also be taken care of well in a vegan diet and nature cure happened to us as an answer to this concern.

The healing food for the body as per Nature Cure is a wholesome diet taking care of the entire nutrition requirement for the body, irrespective of age.

Is Veganism A New Concept?

I had a strong feeling that Veganism is a very recent concept – but when nature cure is so much in alignment with nature and our traditional practices are also so much in alignment with nature I was trying to find the link between veganism, nature cure and our tradition; as a consequence to that, I once started a casual conversation with my grandma regarding the role of diary products in their life and the ambiguity about veganism was actually clarified.

In most houses those days, they had their own cows and calves and they were literally treated as family members and sometimes even more special; our ancestors were ethical enough that they first let the calves feed on the cow and extracted only the remaining milk for domestic use. And this little portion of milk used to be shared by the entire family of 5 to 10; and milk was in most cases never consumed as milk and it was fermented to make curd ; curd was churned to get butter and the final product, buttermilk was shared by the entire family (fermentation of milk kind of makes it go easy on the intestine). So though our ancestors were not vegans in the actual sense, their average consumption of diary products would definitely have been very less in those days compared to the huge demand of diary products we are creating today.


  • Question: “Diary products is the major source of nutrition for vegetarians in terms of protiens and calcium” – Could you please elaborate more this?
    • Answer: The nutritional break up values of specific foods as understood by medical research could be absolutely true. But what we are concerned about is how much of it can the body actually assimilate successfully and effortlessly in our system.
      • Human intestines are designed to assimilate nutrients better from plant products than animal products.
      • So by nature cure practice, coconut milk is more nutritious and can work as an amazing substitute for cow’s milk, supplying our body with more easily absorbable nutrients without overloading our digestive system.
      • As mentioned above, following a healing food for the body in particular and a nature cure lifestyle in general is a wholesome way to take care of the entire nutrition requirement for the body, irrespective of age.
  • Question:  Completely agree with the inclination towards a diary free diet. But am so much used to having diary products. Are there any substitutes for diary products like milk, curd, buttremilk, cheese and paneer?
    • Answer: Of course yes. Coconut milk, peanut milk and many more tried and tested alternatives are possible. Please check out this link for more info – diary alternatives

Points To Ponder

  • Cows lactate only to feed their own calves just as humans lactate only to feed their own babies – so be it for ethical reasons or nutritional reasons, do we really need diary products in our diet?? Think about it..!!

Also read about how a vegan diet made my menstruation experience so effortless.

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