DIY - Do It Yourself

Pakku Mattai Instant Clock

The frying clock turned out really stylish and wanted to try one more of the same kind, but my husband warned me of repetition and after some thoughtful time, landed upon making this simple, inexpensive and instant Pakku Mattai Clock:

DIY - Do It Yourself

Sun Burst Mirror II

An old chappathi stand was lying around the house for quite sometime; din have the heart to throw it, but it wasn’t being used either. Then the upcycler in me helped me create this beautiful ceiling-mounted sun burst mirror :- )

Raw materials required:

Work in progress;

Finished work, yet to be mounted on the ceiling:


DIY - Do It Yourself

Frying Pan Clock

Was about to recycle this frying pan at a merchant store but then suddenly this idea of making a clock out of it crossed my mind and we executed this piece 🙂

Used up some of the acrylic gesso (bought long time ago, but left unused, may b to be used for this project..!!) and primed the surface of the frying pan.

Then coloured it randomly with acrylic paints to match the door panel:

Then we fit the clock dial N battery set to make the actual clock: