vadavaraiyai maththaakki vaasukiyai naaNaakki

Vadavarayai mathakki, vasukiyai naanakki‘, a song sung and popularized by M.S. Subbalakshmi.

This song is part of the epic Silappadikaram’s Aichiyar Kuravi composed by Ilango Adigal. My mom used to play this sing ever since childhood and everytime I hear this song, I have been fascinated by the music; but it was very recently that I learnt the meaning of these verses when I heard this being explained at a thirumurai session at the Marundeeswarar temple.

And it so happened that I once sung the first two lines to my son and he too was fascinated by the tune.

Having said that, we saw a demonstration of this scene at 3 places in a span of about 3 weeks, one at the Government Museum, at a dance performance and t the ZSI, Marine aqaurium. So I thought I could do a separate post on this.

88 Devas on one side (holding the tail of vasuki) and 91 asuras
(holding the head of vasuki) on the other side begin to churn the ocean of milk to extract amirtha, the divine nectar using Meru mountain as the churning stick (mathu) and vasuki as the churning rope (naan). In the process, poison from vasuki was about tp mix with the amirtha and hence Lord Shiva drinks it so as to prevent it from being consumed by anybody; seeing the poison might hurt LOrd Shiva, Goddess Parvati holds it in his throat, thereby preventing the poison from entering his body, hence his neck turns blue with the poison and he became to be calld Thiruneela kandan.

Here is a nice translation of the entire song. Listen, read enjoy it..!!

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