Before I begin, I would like to thank the whole of the Nature Cure community who are directly and indirectly supporting us till date to embrace Nature Cure lifestyle. I can’t express in words the far-reaching positive physical and emotional impact NC is having on our lives.

  • I should first thank the reStore (organic shop on ECR, Chennai) community who manage to expose us to various kinds of life-changing workshops and Nature cure workshop also happened to us through them.
  • I should specifically thank Narmada-Vijay family who introduced us to NC and we are indebted to them for a lifetime.
  • I specially thank the most beloved and down to earth NC Guru, Arun Sharma ji (met him first at restore, April 14, 2017 during a small NC introductory program without which we wouldn’t have taken the effort to make it to the Pollachi camp, 2017. Later attended Sharma ji camp in Chennai, 2018)
  • Next, I totally surrender to the marvellous teacher and the reverred NC Guru, Balakrishna Ayya who elaborated to us about the ‘in and out of NC’ with such scientific precision and confidence (at the Pollachi camp, 2017) that I give the whole credit of being able to author this blog to him…!!!
  • Also I would like to personally thank Viji-Vijay family who helped us (esp my dad) understand the importance of NC by sharing their personal healing experience; only with their support we managed to take my dad to the Pollachi camp.
  • And in the thanking list, I just cannot miss out on Ananth Srinivasan, the calm, composed and informative person who was so patient everytime I called him to check about what to do next when me and my little one had a healing crisis after the camp.
  • And then there is this cheerful and ever smiling Nisha who helped us have such a comfortable experience at the camp.
  • The list definitely goes on to include the most energetic Sivathara Aunty, happy-to-help Roopa, the girl-next-door Vasanthi, the boy-next-door Vinoth, the supportive Prabha Sankar family and the entire community of NC.

Nature Cure is helping us live a such a wholesome life (and I have to definitely accept that we are evolving everyday to become better individuals, physically and emotionally and there is still a long way to go..!!!) and I want each and everyone of you to experience the same and that’s why I decided to write this blog, because they say,

‘யாம் பெற்ற இன்பம் பெருக இவ்வையகம்…!!!’ (Let the world also receive the joy we received..!)


2 thoughts on “Preface

  1. Very Nicely written.
    I too am following NC from 2014 and my first person to thank is Mrs Lakshmi Venkatraman cousin sister of Dr Arun Sharma who introduced me to NC when I had itching problem all over my body and she introduced me to Dr Balakrishna and then attended Arun Sharma camp in April 2014. I am also thankful to all the person’s you have mentioned.
    Yes myself and my husband are following NC and we are able to manage our day to day life easily and my husband has now stopped allopathic medicine for Sugar and BP.completely.


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