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The Ice Story

We stopped using a refrigerator at home since 2017 and we were managing fine with little disturbances once in a while. A friend of ours shared a Nature Cure style kulfi recipe and suddenly we missed our refrigerator. So i went on to find out if its possible to refrigerate without an electric refrigerator and these are the really interesting links I followed:

DIY - Do It Yourself

Pakku Mattai Instant Clock

The frying clock turned out really stylish and wanted to try one more of the same kind, but my husband warned me of repetition and after some thoughtful time, landed upon making this simple, inexpensive and instant Pakku Mattai Clock:

DIY - Do It Yourself

Sun Burst Mirror II

An old chappathi stand was lying around the house for quite sometime; din have the heart to throw it, but it wasn’t being used either. Then the upcycler in me helped me create this beautiful ceiling-mounted sun burst mirror :- )

Raw materials required:

Work in progress;

Finished work, yet to be mounted on the ceiling:


DIY - Do It Yourself

Frying Pan Clock

Was about to recycle this frying pan at a merchant store but then suddenly this idea of making a clock out of it crossed my mind and we executed this piece 🙂

Used up some of the acrylic gesso (bought long time ago, but left unused, may b to be used for this project..!!) and primed the surface of the frying pan.

Then coloured it randomly with acrylic paints to match the door panel:

Then we fit the clock dial N battery set to make the actual clock:


DIY - Do It Yourself

Toy Car Shelf

We were looking to organise the toy cars of my toddler and found some amazing links on the internet and we made this simple yet beautiful toy car shelf using PVC pipes. My little one loved this setup.

DIY - Do It Yourself

Space Saver Mat Holder

When we were setting up the house, we couldn’t find a proper place to put the mats – the shelves weren’t long enough to hold the mats; when I was browsing to find out DIY ideas for this, I couldn’t find a mounting solution without drilling holes on the wall. Suddenly an idea cropped up n my mind and I was very happy with how it turned out. Here is how we have set it up:

DIY - Do It Yourself

Up-cycled Bathroom Stand

As part of waste management, we didn’t want to buy any new plastic stand for the bathroom, we didn’t want to drill holes on the wall either to mount any stand. When I was browsing through to find out what can be done about it, I grabbed these 2 rusted stainless steel containers, painted it (along with my toddler using acrylic paints), connected them with a synthetic bag-making thread and hung it over the shower rod. And it became a beautiful, handy, up-cycled shower caddy..!!!