Do It Yourself Utilities

Last October, we moved into a bigger space which was well ventilated – we indulged in this freshness and our creativity bloomed; as a mark of this freshness, we executed a couple of DIY projects to decorate the new space. The idea of waste/resource management was also lingering in our minds and hence we also up-cycled some resources to create utilities.

Here are some of them:

  1. Sun Burst Mirror
  2. Wooden Crate – Small Showcase
  3. Wooden Crate – Bathroom stand
  4. Up-cycled Bathroom Stand
  5. Space Saver Mat Holder
  6. Tile Pot Show Piece
  7. Toy Car Shelf
  8. Frying Pan Clock
  9. PakkuMattai Instant Clock
  10. Sun Burst Mirror II (Ceiling Mounted)