Natural Learning


Before I begin, I would like to thank the following people who help in the unschooling journey of our kid:

  • Sangeetha Sriram who initiated a unschooling/homeschooling meetup at reStore, eCR on 1-Jan-2017 and that day was like a brainstorming session for us because we weren’t really aware of even what unschooling meant till then
  • Nisha Raghu who shared the unschooling journey of her son and clarified our many FAQs on unschooling
  • Jinan – we happened to attend his workshop at The Theosophical Society in 2018 and I would say it was one step ahead of the unschooling journey we were familiar with till then – the workshop was titled ‘From the word to the worLd‘ – he explained how we are so much into the language paradigm that we sometimes totally miss out on being in the world…!!!

Learning is not just restricted to books or schools or hobby classes. Its much more than that and for children, learning is literally happening every minute, no matter where they are. Simply put, it’s the tendency of the children to be learning naturally all the time, hence we call it natural learning..!!

Am sharing below some of my experiences about natural learning of my kid observed so far.

  • Places Of Interest – Travel has by far been the best way to keep children naturally engaged and the learning is literally enormous when they are outdoors. As a matter of fact, it’s not only nice for children, it’s nice for us adults, too, right??!!! Read more..
  • Everyday Learning – As parents are engaged in their day to day activities, children are also waiting to participate in these activities, if only they are given a chance.Read more..
  • Fine Arts Performances – Read more..

Interesting Links

Sangeetha Sriram’s blog on natural learning – I love her blog for her eloquent flow of ideas and language and it is truly inspiring..!!!