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To begin with I was never an environmentalist or naturalist to start blogging about natural living; but it all began when we started composting in our home and this small step took us forward to unimaginable heights, via the steps of Traditional Ways Of Living, Natural Learning and so on. We are currently exploring Nature Cure. Read on to know more about our journey!

Waste Management or Resource Management??

As someone rightly said, waste never becomes a waste till you throw it away; that said 95% of the waste that we throw away today can be well managed inside our homes and very little may be thrown away. That’s how my natural living journey began and here are the main scenes in the story:

Traditional Ways Of Cooking

We started our millet journey about 2 years ago after we dined at Prems Graama Bhojanam, Adyar. It’s an out and out millet based hotel – my GOD, they serve such delicious food using only millets.

We slowly started including millets into our diet and felt digestion was much easier when eating millet based foods and also equally delicious and healthy – it was an all-in-one package. So we went on to explore more on traditional ways of cooking.

Click Here For The Traditional Ways Of Cooking

Nature Cure

Aha, ya the term sounds very familiar yet unexplored. As I read somewhere, “the vast and magnificent science of natural healing..!!!” –  Very true. Have just started getting onto this system – it says human body has the inherent ability to heal itself and is thriving every minute to help us stay healthy; that said we don’t need any kind of medicines to cure any disease – ya you heard it right we don’t need to be taking any kind of medicines to get out of a disease. Click here to read more

From My Grandma’s Memories and Experience

Coming Soon..!!

Couple Of Interesting Reads

  • We run an initiative called Amudra (Let’s inspire each other) and we are trying to setup a co-learning space – we are conducting workshops that cater to the natural living/learning needs of people across all age groups – kids as well as adults. Know more about us at
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